Thursday, August 09, 2007

Overdid it.

Anyone reading this? If not, I can say anything I want here.


So I did a few hill repeats around my parents neck of the woods today to see if I really over did it on the Tuesday group ride when I got my max heart rate up to 207. I should be dead. Needless to say the next day I didn't feel quite up to par to even peddle. I approached the first hill climb easier than normal, but still going the same speed. I stayed in the saddle the whole time and my heart rate was about 10 to 12 beats lower than usual at the crest of the hill. I expected my heart rate to be a little higher than usual because of the unusual high max of Tuesdays ride. But todays ride was shorter than usual, its 101 degrees right now as I write this. I only rode for like 30 minutes, so I reckon i'll go do a few more later on this evening when its a little cooler. Holy crap its hot. I still prefer the summer over the winter.

-Jareth Cutestory

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Ross said...

Okay, I added a link on my blog for you. Now you actually have to post something.