Friday, May 19, 2006

summer time bi-ahhh!

Summer has officially started for me. Well, it actually started like a week ago, but I forgot I had a blog till like 5 minutes ago. So here goes...

To catch yall up to speed, I've already raced twice this summer, 9th out of 25th at Springhill, and 5th out of 13 at Mountain Home. Both those races kinda sucked for me. I was in fourth position 90% of the race, and then the dumbass that I am decided to take a wrong turn on this one unmarked corner of the course and was passed by 5 riders, landing me at 9th position. Oh well, it was a fun race, because I got super drunk after wards with all the fellow racers after wards and watched the riders compete the rest of the Day.

The Mountain Home Race, or as I like to call it "Mud Fest 3000", was a gruelling race. The second I got on the trail I was covered in mud. I felt really good going into the trail, I led the 200 yard sprint into the woods, but I held on to 1st position for only about 2 miles before blowing up on a climb. Let me also tell you that eating Chinese Food with a metric ton of Sriracha Sauce covering it the night before a race is not a good idea. Dude, I felt like I was about to shit out an alien the whole race. I was about "this" close to dropping trou and just letting it go and saying hi to all the passers by. Anyway, I had a few mechanicals and lost a few positions, but everyone was having the same problems with there drive train because of all the mud. I'll try and post a few race pictures soon.

I have a little over a week until the next race in Russelville. It Should be a pretty good race, i've been riding pretty hard lately trying to get into good shape for Russellville. I did 4 laps around Lake Fayetteville (5.6) miles in just over 2 hours, which avereages about 24 minutes a lap. When i'm not riding i've been running quite a bit as well, just trying to keep the weight off.